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1. AUGH WHY DO BUGS KEEP TRYING TO FLY INTO MY EARS? I swear, this has happened to me every time I've left my apartment in the last few days.

2. I watched an incredibly dull and joyless production of The Merchant of Venice, about which I may have more to say at a later date. I was very surprised to learn that it had been directed by Trevor Nunn.

3. For some reason I find it impossible to buy a black cardigan that I like. You'd think this would be a fairly easy item to purchase, but I've bought several, and none of them are what I want. I bought another one yesterday (online), so here's hoping.

4. I bought three padded envelopes the other day, of three different sizes, to mail some items to various people. Without realizing it, I switched two of the envelopes around, putting one of the smaller items into the largest envelope and sealing it up, writing the address on it, the works. Luckily the largest item was scrunchable (my mother bought me a dress on her last trip, and wanted me to send it back if I didn't like it), but it's going to be awfully wrinkled once it gets there.

5. I bought my best friend a birthday present (the smaller item I accidentally put in the largest envelope), but I'm not entirely sure that I didn't buy this same thing for her a couple of years ago.

In non-faily news, every time I see books on Renaissance clothing, I feel a profound sense of relief that I'm no longer writing about that subject. I may not know exactly what I *am* writing about, right now, but at least there's that. And it's nice, because now I also feel happy that I can just read about Renaissance clothing and enjoy it.
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