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I made some soup this afternoon. See, I bought two heads of romaine lettuce at the farmer's market last Friday before I remembered that I don't really like romaine lettuce (I guess I don't dislike it; it's just kind of - there, as far as leafy green vegetables go) - so I cleaned it and made salad, but was totally uninspired to finish eating the romaine. Today I took the (somewhat wilted) romaine and sautéed it with shallots in olive oil and a bit of butter, then simmered it with some frozen peas and parsley, and pureed the lot. Not bad - and leftovers for lunch tomorrow, which is nice. If I'm feeling really ambitious tomorrow, I might make a potato pancake to eat with the soup, but it may just be toasted bread from the freezer and butter.

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Jul. 22nd, 2015 06:02 pm
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I made egg salad today, so I was able to try out something I saw on the internet for peeling hardboiled eggs more easily: put the egg into a tumbler full of water, put your hand over the mouth of the glass, then shake the glass. (You should definitely do this over the sink.) It worked really well; a lot of the eggshell just came off in long strips. So if you have to peel hardboiled eggs, you might want to give this a try!
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I am planning to eat a poached egg tomorrow. This is sadly very exciting, and I am looking forward to it very much.

I miss non-pureed food, even though I am pretty happy with the way my pureed foods turned out and would eat them all again. (I'm not sure what I would eat the carrot puree with, though. It's kind of a weird side dish.) Although the thing I miss most is not being able to just - grab a handful of cashews or something when I need a snack. There is really only so much yogurt one can eat.
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What should I find on the new books display at the bookstore yesterday, after my recent rant about historical fiction as written about in the Guardian, but Viper Wine by Hermione Eyre? So I…bought it, obviously. (Like this story was going to have another ending?) It will probably be a little while before I get around to reading it, because that is what usually happens when I buy a book without the intention of starting it that evening, but it's there to look forward to.

In not related news, I am not very good at filling tacos properly. But if you put together black beans, chopped cilantro, queso fresco, kale, and avocado, it will be tasty even if you have to eat half of it with a fork because it fell out of your tortilla. I think it would make a good lunch salad with quinoa, as well. (I want to start packing my lunch more, once school starts up again, so I've been looking at everything with "would it make a lunch salad?" glasses.)

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From an article about an exhibition on royal gardening, opening today at Buckingham Palace:

The 14th century gardening manual which warned Henry VIII that his cucumbers would tremble with fear in a thunderstorm, and a spectacular painting showing the beautiful garden he created at his Whitehall Palace, are going on display in an exhibition tracking the gardening passions of generations of royal families.
On display too is Henry VIII’s gardening manual, Ruralia Commoda, which was written in 14th century Italy, in Latin. It was the only book of its kind in the king’s library and shows signs of heavy use and annotation.

Apart from the warning over terrified cucumbers, the manual suggests that a royal garden should take up 20 acres or more, and that a good way to grow squash is to plant the seeds in the ashes of human bones.


(crammed with distressful squash?)
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I made a thing! It's based on a recipe I saw on a PBS cooking show - tuna and zucchini salad - but instead of boiling the zucchini, I sautéed them - two chopped up into quarter moons - with garlic (one smashed clove early on, then one minced one when I added the tuna), then added a can of tuna (in olive oil, drained), some chopped sundried tomatoes, a splash of lemon juice*, and lots of chopped parsley.

(*I am one of those plebeians who uses bottled lemon juice. Occasionally I'll freeze leftover fresh lemon juice in tablespoon-sized amounts, if I think a recipe really calls for fresh lemon juice or lemon zest and I have some leftover after going through the trouble of remembering to buy a lemon, but as I don't like very much lemon juice in things, it seems rather wasteful to try to keep lemons on hand.)

Tomorrow I think I'll make some whole-wheat couscous to serve with the leftovers; tonight I just ate it as is, with some Greek yogurt and honey for dessert.
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Well, I did manage to make some roasted carrot soup today (I have had better luck with the oven, and my mother did have ground cumin, coriander, and ginger on hand, for some other dish she was planning to make at some point).

Then I thought that I could make some cornbread to go along with the soup, and wondered if my mother had any baking powder on hand...only to discover that as far as I can tell, she doesn't actually have any flour. Ah well.
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Trying to cook in my mom's kitchen makes me feel like the most snobby, persnickety person ever. "Oh, this is store-brand butter? I usually buy Kerrygold." "Do you have any kosher salt?" "I really like organic cane sugar, these days..." I'm not actually good at cooking, but I am a creature of habit, which means I tend to have pretty strong brand loyalty and like just using the things I know instead of having to worry about whether a different brand will be any good.

My mother also has an electric stove, and I no longer know how to cook on electric. I've already let a pot of polenta boil over, and narrowly avoided overcooking some carrots.
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I like that if you roast a sweet potato, you suddenly have a meal. I like that sweet potato mashed with olive oil, chopped parsley, and shredded parmesan piled up on toast is really comforting. I like that the leftover mashed sweet potato will be turned into pasta sauce with garlic and kale for tomorrow's dinner.
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- I made pasta with broccoli and breadcrumbs yesterday! (I used panko because that is what I had. I keep my bread in the freezer, mostly, so I don't have stale bread around all that much. Also, I am lazy.) I was kind of doubtful about the whole thing; after all, I make a lot of pasta with broccoli, and figured the breadcrumbs wouldn't make much of a difference. But it was rather tasty.

- I saw this "feel better" card in the bookstore:

[text on card: "it's days like these i realize maybe i'm not from the future. if i was, i would have known you were getting sick and i could have done something to save you."]

I would love to read that story, but would have no idea how to write it...

- I also discovered that Adrian Tinniswood has a new book out, which is exciting! I really enjoyed his book The Verneys, and this one, The Rainborowes, likewise charts the history of an early modern family. (I still haven't read his book about the Great Fire of London, because every time I think I might want to read it, I follow that thought with "...but it's probably going to make me sad...")
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Whoever puts out the display books in the YA section of the library does a really good job, because I often walk out of there with something I hadn't gone in to get. Today it was Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, a graphic novel by Prudence Shen and Faith Erin Hicks. I'd read Hicks' Friends With Boys last year and recognized the style, so it didn't take much to get me to pick this one up. No ghosts this time, alas, but a funny story about teenage cliques fighting, friendship, and building battle robots in basements.

In other news, I think I'm going to just stop buying hot chocolate mix. I like the just-add-water convenience, but I've only found one brand that actually tastes chocolaty enough for me, and when I was reading the ingredients on the box a few weeks ago, I thought, "surely one does not actually *need* hydrogenated coconut oil in one's hot chocolate?" So I tried a different brand today, because, hey, free trade cocoa and normal ingredients! Which would all be great if it actually tasted much like chocolate... I always seemed to have bad luck, somehow, making mugs of hot chocolate from cocoa powder and milk and sugar, but I guess I'll give it another go. (Also, there was NO cocoa powder in the store. Only baking chocolate. What even.)
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I made a cake! Apparently my reaction to cool weather after really hot weather is to make up reasons to take advantage of the stove and/or oven while it's cool enough to do so. Which makes sense when it's roasting a bunch of vegetables for lunch, or making a pot of polenta to eat throughout the week, but...cake? I never bake things, but I wanted to try yogurt cake after reading about it in French Kids Eat Everything a while ago. So now I have a loaf pan of yogurt cake flavored with orange zest, and I am so unfamiliar with baking that I don't even have anything to store this cake in except the loaf pan I baked it in, with foil on the top, so it is probably going to go bad before I can actually eat it. Oh well. I'm pleased anyway.

I'm also tired, because I went stupid and decided to reread The Demon's Surrender in one day. But now I don't have any more of them to read. :( The thing is, I'd sort of decided to reread the trilogy to analyze it, take it apart to see how it worked and to see if I could learn anything useful for my own writing - but, as usually happens, I totally forgot to do this while I was reading. You'd think, after all that grad school, this would be a pretty natural thing, but nope.
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So after several days of heat-wave temperatures (90+), we've had two really cool days, which have been lovely. I did things that weren't lying in front of a fan and trying to read! How exciting! Yesterday and today I:

- went for walks to different fancy food stores, looked longingly at cheeses I couldn't afford
- (I did buy myself a little orange olive oil cake from the bakery case, though, because I've wanted to try olive oil cake for a while. It was delicious.)
- curled up under a blanket to watch TV (I probably could have closed the window, but I *like* curling up under blankets.)
- had hot chocolate for dessert tonight!
- cooked actual food. Yesterday I made a pot of polenta and some black beans (I used canned beans, but cooked them with garlic, parsley, cumin, coriander, and red wine vinegar; I ate some of them over some of the polenta, and figure I'll use the rest in quesadillas). Today it was cool enough to use the oven, so I roasted a tray of carrots and broccoli, and then roasted the mushrooms I got from the other food store (the cheeses were still expensive there, but the produce was comparable to the grocery stores in the area). I ate half the mushrooms with grated parmesan over more polenta, alongside some of the vegetables; haven't decided what I'll do with the rest.

(Conversation I had with my mother, who doesn't believe that a meal is really complete without meat, although other animal proteins will do in a pinch:
me: So I had the black beans with polenta; it was pretty good.
Mom: But where was the protein?
me: Mom. Beans have lots of protein.
Mom: Yeah, that's what they say.

So apparently my mom thinks there is some sort of great beanspiracy going on?)
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Fresh mozzarella was on sale this week (two dollars off! not bad!), so dinner wound up being open-faced sandwiches on "Tuscan wheat" bread: prosciutto, mozzarella, and fried zucchini. I was supposed to make pasta with the zucchini (and I still have one left, so I might), but somehow this happened. I bet this would be good with pesto instead of prosciutto, too.
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Trying to keep slightly better track of food combinations I like:

Really late lunch today, while out running errands: a large DIY salad from the chain cafe, with turkey, dried cranberries, sliced almonds, and apple. Resulted in a really late dinner; I wasn't very hungry, so I chopped up some broccoli until very soft and ate it piled on a piece of toasted French bread, covered with olive oil and parmesan cheese. (I've been reading An Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler, and I sort of got the idea from this book. It was surprisingly good, although I couldn't get the broccoli as mashed up as I would have liked).

Yesterday's dinner was the last of the black beans I made for quesadillas (canned black beans, green onion, garlic, cilantro and coriander, cumin, splash of red wine vinegar), mixed with quinoa and topped with a poached egg and some cheddar. And half a chocolate cake-in-a-mug for dessert, because for some reason I really felt like making some cake in a mug. (Must remember to buy more powdered cocoa; I'm almost out.)

No idea what to have for dinner tomorrow. If I'm *very* lazy I might wind up eating a plain bowl of quinoa.
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Note to self to remember the sandwich I bought for dinner from the cafe on the corner: sweet potato, goat cheese, and pesto, with pickled onions and arugula, on a baguette. Normally I don't care for pickled onions, but these were tasty and not overpowering.

(How do people eat sandwiches on baguettes, though? So awkward. Glad I wasn't eating it in public!)

Also I had one of their large chocolate chunk cookies, because I am not made of stone.

snack time

Jun. 18th, 2012 04:10 pm
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In other news, toasted French bread topped with strawberry jam and Havarti is really good.
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Midnight snack: polenta with butter and honey.

I took advantage of the cool evening to make polenta (I ate it with sauteed portobellos, dried thyme, and fresh parsley). I left the rest to cool in a cake pan and cut it into wedges, so it was all ready for me to reheat a wedge and top it with butter and honey (on the premise that biscuits are good with butter and honey, and I like grits with butter and sugar, which always kind of horrified my grandmother, but hey-ho).

Tomorrow I might make some black beans and sauteed chicken sausage to serve over the rest of the polenta, unless I get lazy and just eat the rest of it as snack food.


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