Mar. 12th, 2017

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(the above comment is made about a ruff.)

The Globe's Twitter feed led me to a video I hadn't seen before: Paul Chahidi, who played Maria in the 2012 revival of Twelfth Night (as well as the original 2002 production), and Jenny Tiramani (Renaissance clothing expert) being interviewed about the costume for Maria. Some nice closeups of the various layers of the costume:
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I'll tell you one thing I just have absolutely no desire to let into my brain or take up any space in my consciousness: this "sexy Jack the Ripper" nonsense ABC seems to be going with for Time After Time. NO. Even the ads are just disgusting. Jack the Ripper was a serial killer, you losers, not the bleeping Bachelor.

I'd sort of thought about trying out an episode, because I like time travel narratives, and while the actor playing H. G. Wells comes across as fairly sans gorm in the early trailer, maybe there'd be some entertaining man-out-of-time hijinks in the early episodes, which are sadly missing from my life since Sleepy Hollow got canceled.* But now? No way. Not even.

*Shh, I know it - SOMEHOW - didn't actually get canceled, even though they managed to rip the heart out of the entire show. Just leave me my delusions.


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